Latest IPO News: IPO (Initial Public Offering) is privately owned by a handful of people like promoters, family, friends, venture capitalists, and Angel investors. Some employees of this business may be also the shareholders as the company wants to retain talent and these employees become the partners of the business. Selling the stake of the company to the public is called IPO. When the promoters of the company need some additional funds, the company comes with the plan of IPO. IPO is the platform where the company shares are offered to the general public. For launching an IPO, the company needs to follow the process provided by SEBI. While placing an IPO the company sets a price range for the allotment like higher the price has more chances of getting the shares. But once the IPO is over the company is listed in the stock market which is called the secondary market where one can buy or sell the shares. After getting listed we buy shares from different exchanges. After getting listed in the stock market the company needs to follow the rules of SEBI very strictly. With the help of IPO, the brand value of the company is increased and normal people can also have a chance to invest in the company.

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Read Everything About the Barbeque Nation IPO

After serving scrumptious food to the country, Barbeque Nation Hospitality has now been approved to serve a lucrative IPO to investors. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has given its approval to Barbeque to raise about Rs 1,000-1,200 crore through an IPO. According to the draft papers filed with SEBI, the IPO comprises a […]

Kiran Jadhav – The Ultimate Guru of Stock Market

Not just the best technical analyst but a ‘Market Guru’ is what will do justice while describing Mr. Kiran Jadhav. An author, commentator, trainer and a SEBI Registered Research Analyst, he masters it all. His journey has come up overpowering all the troughs and crests of the financial market and today he holds the power […]

Impact of Covid19 On These Four Major Industry

COVID19 IMPACT ON CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY With the entire economy has been hit hard by the outbreak of the COVID-19, the impact of COVID19 on the construction industry is grave and is facing challenges in economic pressure, labor deficiencies, and supply chain affairs. Construction companies around the world are making every effort to change the way […]

Stove Kraft Ready To Launch IPO After SEBI’s Go-ahead

Stove Kraft Limited IPO gets SEBI’s nod to launch IPO as reported on May 5, 2020. The Company had initially filed its draft papers with the regulator in February and as per the latest update with the market watchdog, obtained SEBI’s observations on April 30. Market regulator, SEBI conveyed its approval to Stove Kraft Limited […]

How Covid 19 can Induce an Opportunity for Indian Pharma

Who would have thought the killer disease Corona or otherwise called as Covid-19 would be a life- saver for the grappling pharma sector which was looking for a life-saving news? As commonly known, Indian pharma companies are the global generic drug makers. These generics are a life-saver for countries which cannot afford the originally patented […]

Which current IPO is the best to invest in?

There are many companies that you can invest but the rate growth of irctc is the best performing stock since the IPO. The latest IPO news of SBI cards is issued at the price of Rs:750-755 per equity share but due to the COVID-19, it got listed in the stock market at the price of 681/-Rs. SBI cards is also one of the best investments for today as the share value had decreased due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19. The latest news of SBI cards price is at 552 Rs/-. There are many other IPOs to invest but we advise you to invest with the advice of your financial manager.

What companies will IPO in 2020?

These are the upcoming IPOs in 2020

Computer Age Management Services
ESAF Small Finance Bank Ltd
Burger King (India)
Dodla Dairy Ltd
Zircon Technologies(India) Ltd
Harsha Engineers Limited
Lodha Developers Penna Cements Ltd
Barbeque Nation Hospitality Ltd

Are IPOs a good investment?

The investment in IPO is a good idea but investing in every IPO may not be good. Investing in IPO is not a good idea unless you have it for a long time and have a high-risk tolerance. Investing in IPO totally depends upon you in which you’re investing. There are many other IPOs that made high returns and losses as well it all depends upon in which you’re investing. As the IPOs are highly volatile in the starting stage of the listing its better to have a piece of good knowledge about the company and follow the news accordingly. It’s always recommended to take your financial advisor.

Where can I buy new IPO stocks?

IPOs are offered when a company comes to the public markets for getting investments by selling its stock. IPO stocks can be brought through many brokerage accounts in which you need to have a D-mat account and you need to have net banking. You can also apply through the official website of the company. For an IPO there may be some minimum quantity to be applied and they provide a price range of the stock. You need to bid the highest price to get the stocks.

What makes an IPO successful?

IPOs are the most beneficial for the company because they raise funds by selling the shareholder stake in the company. For the raise or extension of the company, they need funds which they can get by launching IPO into the stock market. An IPO is said to be successful when the value of its share is increased and when the company receives its required investment. By this, the public investors get trust fame to the small investors. IPO gets successful when the company extends its business and the investor gets his minimum profits. IPO is successful when the stake price of IPO is greater than the listing price in the stock market.