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7 Must Read Books for Investors and Stock Market Traders

When it comes to get a wide knowledge of investing or stock market trading, you will find a lot of websites and online videos to guide you. But, these ways does not let you seek a greater historical perspective and a detailed analysis. Therefore, an investor who is seeking to build a good fundamental knowledge […]

Know Covid-19 Impact On This 10 Industries – Check If Your’s

The outbreak of coronavirus or COVID-19 is primarily a human tragedy that affects not just hundreds, or thousands of people, but now the rate is as high as millions. The COVID-19 pandemic is moving quickly and continues to evolve. There is no doubt that this pandemic has a widening impact on the global economy. Impact […]

Is Work From Home The New Normal Post Covid-19?

In today’s time, everyone is suffering from the invincible and epidemic Covid-19 virus. The epidemic of Covid-19 has changed the structure of the entire world and is disquieting the whole economic and business functions. Due to this, every commercial sectors’ are very much affected by the impact of Covid-19. For self-protection and safety measures, the […]

IPO Investment – How Coronavirus is Impacting IPO 2020?

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering and refers to that stratagem required by the companies in order to raise indispensable funds by selling its shares to the investors or the general public. The main aim of an IPO is to raise funds from the public in the primary market. Investors see IPO investment as a […]

How to Find the Best IPO for IPO Investment?

Here are some steps to identify good and bad IPOs. If you are searching for the best IPO or willing to invest in IPO market, you must know what exactly an IPO is. IPO, Initial Public Offering is generally the initial offering phase for a company’s share, when a new or existing company offers its […]

Benefits of IPO Listing for a Company

If you are an entrepreneur, owning your own company, or whether you are an investor, you must be aware of IPOs (Initial Public Offerings). IPO is the first sale of stock by a company in order to raise funds. Now, IPO listing is not the only way to raise capital by a company; there are […]

What is Allotment Process and How to check Allotment Status?

Are you worried about the IPO you subscribed to recently? Do you know how the IPO allotment process works and whether your subscription to the IPO will bring out results or not? Are you aware of the fact that the company checks to allot shares to the IPO subscribers? Do you want to check your […]

What is Grey Market & Grey Market Premium in IPO?

While we all talk about and see the regulated and legalized official stock market and IPO market, there is a Grey Market that operates within this market but without any regulation and legalities. Are you shocked to know about this? If yes, then wait, there is a lot more you can learn about this market […]

What is SME IPO in India?

In India, SMEs or Small and medium scale enterprises comprise a major portion of the manufacturing output of the country. It is also a major source of employment in the nation. Though due to a lack of progressive technologies and machinery, these enterprises are not able to optimize their work and productivity. This is why […]

Know These 8 Top Demat Accounts in India

Best Demat Account in India – List of Top 8 Demat Account Are you striving hard to make some good research and choose the best demat accounts in India? Are you getting confused in taking a final decision for demat accounts? Don’t worry! This blog will surely help you in reaching a final step to […]

Price Discovery Method in an IPO

IPO price discovery refers to the estimation of the appropriate issue price of the shares in the process of an IPO. The price discovery process involves studying the investor demand for shares and bring out the best issue price for both – the company and the market. Stock exchanges highly recommend it as the most […]

ASBA – How to apply for IPO through ASBA

SEBI designed ASBA IPO application for individual investors as a means to ensure that your money remains available with the investor during the long process of applying for an IPO. One can invest in financial instruments, i.e. IPOs, FPOs, NFOs through ASBA facility only. The IPO application method is restricted to some assigned banks only. […]

What is IPO Process in India?

If you have closely noticed, the number of listed companies on BSE and NSE for the previous few years has gone up drastically. The reasons can be different for each of the companies for becoming a public organization but one common thing here is IPO. They all have gone through the IPO or Initial public […]

What is Demat Account? Meaning, Types and Benefits

Are you thinking about starting an investment in shares or mutual funds? Has anyone asked you to open a Demat Account for investment in shares? Are you aware of the Demat account’s uses? If these questions are going around in your head and you have landed here, we have a great piece of information for you. […]

What is IPO? How to Invest in IPO in India?

Are you a stock market enthusiast? Do you find the rare stocks or the upcoming IPOs to invest your money in? Or have you ever come across the word IPO in the newspaper you read or the stock market blogs you follow? Have you ever wondered what is IPO? If so, then here is an […]