With a population of over 1.3 billion India is seen as a grand market for investment by nations throughout the globe. India was accounted for being the fifth largest economy in the world by IMF in 2019. And, a huge chunk of that economy is supported by our homogenous Stock Trading Industry. And, it’s been within the country from as early as 1875. In short, the stock trading industry of India is even older than independent India! And, this industry is a rather complex ecosystem where millions of traders and investors commence humongous trades with the help of few hundred brokers. Now that’s an interesting fact! But, there’s something even more interesting about this industry! Despite the hundreds of stock brokers, only a handful of them contribute to more than 20% of its transactions. In fact, the list is confined to merely 10 stock brokers in India. However, it is difficult for the new comers to identify these giants. And, that’s exactly where this part of the website comes handy.

Are you searching for the top stock brokers in India 2020 to proceed with your IPO investment or share market trading plans? No doubt, there are a lot of stock brokers in India who offer free DEMAT accounts and minimum brokerage charges for the account holders. Still, there are many factors which make a stock broker a top one among all the best Indian stock brokering companies. We, at IPO Corner have made your task of shortlisting the top 10 stockbrokers in India, easy. We have all the top stock brokers in India listed in our portal, along with overall rating assigned to each one of them. These ratings are based on their overall services, various charges including brokerage and AMC, customer reviews and various offers which they provide to the account holders.

We’ve commenced extensive research on the elite players of the stock broking and advisory industry. And, that’s led to the curation of articles on India’s top 10 stock brokers. In short, consider this part of the website as your starting point into learning and understanding everything there is about the best brokers in India including their brokerage charges, offline and online trading platforms and even the ways in which they operate!

This section consists of review centric articles on all 10 leading brokerage houses of India. And, each article is discretely infused with only the latest socio economical activities of the concerned full service brokers or even the discount brokers. Moreover, we regularly monitor their activities and ensure only the best stays within our list of the elite. So, go ahead, the world of top stock broker in India is awaits your arrival!

How to Choose the Top Stock Brokers in India?

At IPO Corner, we have listed all the top 10 stockbrokers in India who have a huge experience in providing stock broking service to millions of investors and traders in the nation. All these stock brokers in India are either full-service brokers or discount brokers and offer many advantages to the long term investors and day traders. They have different commission charges and trading platforms which you can choose as per your comfort. All these top stock brokers in India offer demat accounts for Indians as well as NRI, in case you want to invest in IPO (primary market) or shares (secondary market) for long term. You can consider our list of top 10 stockbrokers in India and choose your best stockbroker accordingly.

Top Stock Broker's

RankBroking HouseOverall Rating
2Angel Broking8.88/10
3Motilal Oswal8.60/10
5India Infoline8.46/10
6Indiabulls Ventures Shubh8.46/10
7ICICI Direct8.44/10
9HDFC Securities8.42/10

In case you have any doubts regarding your pick of the best stockbrokers in India, the below given questionnaire can help you.

  1. Which is the best stock broker in India?

    A name cannot be mentioned as they are lots of best and reputed stock brokers in India, who provide high quality stock broking services to lots of clients in India. You can consider few points which make a company, the best stock broker in India. Some of these points are the brokerage fees involved, comfort in their trading platforms, and research and tips service to the traders, exposure and leverage limits, trading segments and brand reputation. You should also look out for the account opening and annual account maintenance charges. This is not necessary that if you are being offered a free account, the company will be the best stock broking company. Other factors are also mandatory.

  2. Who is the richest stock broker in India?

    The richest stock broker is the one whose annual turnover exceeds from other company’s annual turnover. It is clear that a stock broker whose turnover is more than other company’s turnover will be earning more revenue than others. The point which also decides that whether a particular stock broking company is richest than others is that how many customers are working with them. The simple calculation is, more the customers a stock broker has, more will be the revenue earned by the company. For example, till March 2020, Zerodha is considered to be the richest stock brokers in india as its business turnover is more than other best stock brokers in India.

  3. Who is Warren Buffet of India?

    Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, who is a well renowned Indian billionaire, trader, investor and chartered accountant, is called as ‘Warren Buffet of India’. He started investing in stock at the time of his college days with a minimum investment amount of $100 in 1985, while the BSE Index was at 150 points. At present, the BSE index trades above 38,000. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is the 53 rd richest person in India who is having a net worth of USD 190 crore, as of March 2020. His investment strategies are followed by lot of national and international traders to get high return on investment.

  4. Which is the cheapest stock broker in India?

    There are lots of cheapest stock brokers in India who are well known as the lowest priced stockbrokers in India for their customers, for example, 5paisa, Zerodha and many others. Therefore, to choose the perfect cheapest stock broker in India, you should look out for their offerings and your comfort with them. Most of the cheapest stock brokers include a free investment zone with no brokerage fees applied to specific segments. They also offer free trading account or a flat brokerage charge per trade or a lowest brokerage charge cap for each trade.

  5. Which stock broker is best for a beginner in India?

    Choosing a stock broker for beginner can be different for different kinds of traders or investors. Because each investor is different having different objectives and goals, risk apatite, investment amount and choice of trading platform and tools (i.e. mobile, tablets or laptops). That’s why there is no ‘one size fits all’ account with the stock brokers in India. A beginner investor or trader must look out for those stock brokers in India, whose criteria well matches with the investor’s criteria. The stock broker who provides offers and services which proves to be beneficial for a beginner in stock market should be chosen.

  6. What does a stockbroker do?

    Stock broker is an agent or firm who handles its customer orders of buying or selling any security. Just like a shopkeeper who sells groceries act as a middleman between the company and customers, similarly, a stock broker acts as a middleman between stock exchange and the investors or traders who wish to buy or sell securities. Stock brokers in India normally charge a fee or commission for each buy or sell order of securities which are executed through them. Stock brokers can also advise to buy or sell any security as they are well versed with the market. A valid stockbroking firm should be licensed by the stock exchange to carry out stock market transactions.